Master project 2

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206EMG2 ZK 5 8 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 41 to 66 hours of self-study English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to develop creativity, knowledge, experience and abilities in student independent considerations and the increase of their competency in research.

Mode of study

Classes, individual consultations, independent research.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

206OP1 Project - Production 1

Course contents

Instruction is based on the approved and defended master's project by which the student was accepted into master's study. The project is, in principle, a theory research of a particular area of production, management or admistration of artistic activity. The foundation is the research work of the student under the guidance of an instructor from the department. The results of the artistic/research/development work is defended by the student after the first semester in a presentation of the current findings before a commission and at the end of the second semester in public presentation.

Recommended or required reading

Divadelní producentství:

Arts management a arts marketing:

Ekonomika, právo a provozování divadla:

Zákony ve znění pozdějších předpisů:

Další zdroje individuálně doporučí garant jednotlivého projektu z řad pedagogů specializace.

Assessment methods and criteria

The requirements for completing the course are on-going consultations on the master's project with a particular instructor, attendance at group classes and submission of a semester papers as on-going reports on the fulfilling of the project.

The report is to have 12-15 standard pages in the form of a related essay. Any number of attachhments.

Required content:

  1. Establishment of original research tasks and adjustments during work (project aim adjustment, limitations, justification).
  2. Project plan and adjustment (stages, methods).
  3. Description of individual project stages and their partial results.
  4. One's research (theory basis, sources, selected methodology).
  5. Conclusions, evaluation of measure of fulfillment of established aims.

Grades are given by by the thesis advisor based on submitted reports or thesis and intensity of consultations and research work throughout the entire academic year.


Topic example according to appropriate specilizations are presented on the Dept. webpages:

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