Producers in Arts 3

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206EPN3 Z 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 57 to 72 hours of self-study English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

  1. Student acquires necessary knowledge in the area of current tendencies in Czech and world theatre, performing arts and culture in general.
  2. Student acquires the skill to analyse the environment of live arts in the Czech Republic and abroad and applies the knowledge in their production practice.
  3. Student is prepared to perform the duties of a producer (or director of an arts organization or festival), that is, a person responsible for concept preparations of the content and program arrangement of the event, and co-responsible for the assembly of the arts team, staffing and artistic results of the project.

Mode of study

Series 8 combined course, created and prepared by a group of instructors (Prokop, Kubišta) and master's studies students in DAMU Production Dept.. The classes include one or more guests in combination with student presentations on a previously assigned topic.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No knowledge requirements.

Course contents

Instruction is through acquiring knowledge and experience with personal meetings with figures who serve as examples to the students and inspire them in their own future practice. Student participation is required.

Each semester block of classes is devoted to one topic. For this topic a total of 4 producers are invited who are guests for the classes. Part of these, aside from the presentations by the guests are examples of their work, archive material, video and audio recordings, photographs, etc. Emphasis is placed on a wide spectrum of artistic practice and presentation of diverse approaches of artistic creation. The classes are supplemented with presentations by students on an assigned topic for the topic block.

Study aims:

  1. Introduction to a wide variety of contemporary Czech producers and arts management figures who have significantly influenced the development and understanding of kulture projects management in the Czech dimensions.
  2. To present selected contemporary foreign figures of culture management
  3. Broaden the awareness of the irreplaceable role of the producer for the rise and existence of an arts project.

Recommended or required reading

Cihlář, O., Jordan H.: Orbis cirkus, NAMU, Praha 2014

Cikánek, M., Žáková, E., Lehečková, E., Jaurová, Z., Bednář, P.: Kreativní průmysly - příležitost pro novou ekonomiku II, Institut umění - Divadelní ústav, Praha, 2013

Dvořák, J., Kreativní management pro divadla, aneb, O divadle jinak: Kapitoly k tématu realizace divadla. Praha: Pražská scéna, 2004

Chládková, B. Divadelní systémy v Evropě. Praha: Divadelní ústav, 2001

Ljubková M. a kol.: Šťastná generace. Režiséři z alterny., Pražská scéna, 2014

Nekolný B.: Studiové divadlo a jeho české cesty. Praha: Scéna, 1991

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Šesták J.: Divadlo - kultura - podmínky (Osobní zkušenost), Edice disk, KANT, 2012

Václavová, D., Žižka, T.: Site Specific, Pražská scéna, Praha 2008

and others according to guest intentions.

Assessment methods and criteria

75% class attendance, discussion particpation and one approx. 20-min presentation before the other students on an assigned topic are required. Winter semester study is completed with credit.

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