Language of Comics 2

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The study aim is to acquaint students with the historical starting points and development of comics. To study in detail the basic principles of comics and gain a bearing in individual styles and current in the development of contemporary comics. To identify the common elements and differences between film and comics scripts.

Mode of study

Classes, exercises

Prerequisites and co-requisites

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Course contents

Historical, cultural-artistic and social-historical origins. Theory criteria for assessment and comic classification. Comics here are understood as a syncretic artistic genre using the aspects of at least 4 types of art: graphic, literary, film and drama.

The course focuses on the presentation of the particulars of comics semiotics and genre system. With the assistance of exercises the basic elements of comics genre basics are uncovered (the linkage of the visual and events of a saturated sequence based on the principle of editing and assembly). To enable the creation, in collaboration with illustrators, one's own comics script which will be finalized.

Students are also offered direct experience in the implementation of a comics script.

The course is comprised of the instructor's theory and history presentations, exercises and interactive implementation.

Recommended or required reading

Groensteen, Thierry: Stavba komiksu. Host, Brno 2005

Kruml, Milan: Comics: stručné dějiny.Comics Centrum, Praha 2007

McCloud, Scott: Jak rozumět komiksu. BB/art s.r.o., Praha 2008

McCloud, Scott: Making Comics. HarperCollins, New York 2006

McCloud, Scott: Reinventing Comics. HarperCollins, New York 2000

Assessment methods and criteria

Requirements for course completion:

attendance and participation in class

completion and presentation of exercises

completion of the semester paper (script of a comics story on an assigned topic)


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Mon 09:50–11:25 Tomáš REZEK Room No. 432
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