Screenwriting and Script Editing: A Practice

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301POSD Z 1 8S Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Comparison of students' work, grading and analysis.

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Course contents

Instructor: Lubor Dohnal and other Scriptwriting and Editing Dept. instructors.

Student required materials: paper and pen

Length: 1 day

Place and time: 2nd floor, room 233, 9:00-16:00

The program takes place in two phases.

Instructor's introduction (principles of film analysis)

Film sequence screenings, selected with consideration of the group's study.

Analysis of screened sequences

Assignment of scriptwriting tasks: completing the narrative arising from the screened episode.

Time for writing: 2 hours.

Class - comparison of students' work, evaluation and analysis

Accrediting: credit will be awarded directly after completing the practical.

Recommended or required reading

Screenwriting takes place in various forms dependent upon the instructor.

Assessment methods and criteria

100% attendance.


Screenwriter practice takes place in various forms dependent upon the instrutor.

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