Film Analysis 4

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301ROFI4 ZK 2 8S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Improvement in thinking and writing about film (its content and style); posing relevant questions, consideration of appropriate analytical approaches, selection of adequate analysis subtopics (form) and interpretation (significance and purpose), formulation of one's viewpoint based on professional and supported arguments - not „impressionology.“

Mode of study

Analytical seminar

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Ability to use professional processes at a film school (recognition of the technical potential of film language), meaning an initiation into part of the professional discipline.

Course contents

The core of the course is created by the individual and performance (written) of class participants, consulted upon with the instructor. Several time during the semester is a colloquium discussion on the theme of a selected film and arranged so attention is gradually devoted to all elements and aspects of the film work (not only the theme but the construction of the image) so they may be consistently and thoroughly covered. The course program originates in the interests and suggestions of the participants, prefering works which document the most current trends in world cinema.

Recommended or required reading

Film on media. Review and articles in professional periodicals. Internet information about filmmakers and the reception (reviews) of their works. Film festivals and other awards.

Assessment methods and criteria

Course paper mark.


Film Analysis takes place 4 times per semester on pre-determined dates.

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