Radical strategies in screenwriting 2

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301RS2 Z 1 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Overview of diverse dramaturgic strategies not only in film. Acquaintance with editing issues and the various roles of the scriptwriters and dramaturgs in film, theatre and radio.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic bearing in scriptwriting and dramaturgy.

Course contents

Introduction into wider theory and historical contexts various forms of acting in relation to dramaturgy, scriptwriting, drama or script. Broadening views of the role of the scriptwriter beyond film to theatre, editing, radio, performance or happening and the specific approaches which these areas require.

Recommended or required reading

Bertold Brecht - Myšlenky

Sergej Ejzenštejn - O stavbě uměleckého díla

Walter Benjamin - Umělecké dílo ve věku své technické reprodukovatelnosti, Autor jako producent

Hans-Thies Lehmann - Postdramatické divadlo

Erika Fischer-Lichte - Estetika performativity

Peter Brook - Pohyblivý bod, prázdný prostor, Nitky času

Erving Goffman - Všichni hrajeme divadlo

Arnold Aronson - Americké avantgardní divadlo

Tomáš Dvořák (ed.) - Kapitoly z dějin a teorie umění

Nicolas Bourriaud - Postprodukce

Jozef Cseres, Michal Murin (ed.) - Od analogového k digitálnému

M. Dreysse / F. Malzacher (ed.) - Experts of the Everyday. The Theatre of Rimini Protokoll

Tim Etchells - Doing Time

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded for an active approach to classes (paper, discussion) nad attendance with a maximum of three absences per semester. The exam will be assigned based on the completion of the course paper with a minimum of 5 standard pages.


Important is class participation, as well as assignment preparation (study of recommended writings).

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