The Basic Principles of Camera Work

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301ZKP Z 1 2T Czech summer

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The aim of the course is to introduce expression tools, construction and composition of the cinematic image and its use.

Mode of study

Classes, contact instruction, practical demonstrations.

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Course contents


I. Cinematography as an information system - comparison of cinematography with literature

II. The cinematic image

  1. Expressive, constuctive elements, content, significance, composition. Construction processes, composition processes, expression processes.
  2. Expressive tools of the cinematic image

2.1. Image composition - linear, flat, space treatment, image format

2.2. Movement - internal and external movement, movement character and speed, technical tools for camera movement

2.3. Light - technical and visual lighting, light tonality of an image, lighting construction, styles and lighting

2.4. Color - perception of color, color arrangement, color contrast, color composition

III. The videocamera - introduction to the use, setting, exposure issues, movement

IV. Practical shooting organization

V. Exercise assignment, screenwriter consultations

VI. Analysis of shooting material and resultant editing.

Recommended or required reading

Adler, Myslík. ABCD...Film a video. 2006. ISBN 80-232-8241-9

Anton Wilson´s. Cinema Workshop /Hollywood 1983/. ISBN 0-935578-08-0

Šmok Ján. Úvod do teorie skladby kinematografického obrazu. Praha 1972

Assessment methods and criteria

Credits are awarded based on participation and activity in instruction and completion of the exercise preparations.

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