Seminar on bachelor theoretical work 1

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303BCT1 Z 1 9S Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Study results:

Students clarify the topic of the master's theory paper.

Students have an established aim in research and preliminary literature list.

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Course contents

Course description:

The task of the consultation classes is establish the topic of the final theory paper, advisor and committee.

The aim of the course is the selection of topic and advisory task, introduction to principles of writing an academic text and developing the paper. This must be of adequate level for study at the FAMU Documentary Dept and contribute academically. The student must select from one of the offered topics or may come with their own. The course does no substitute the overall faculty Methodology Course for Bachelor where students are introduced to the formal requirements of the final theory paper and gives basic advice for writing a research paper. However, with great insight it offers expert consultation which takes into account the status of research in documentary film, previouse covered topics, knowledge of current publishing, and Czech and foreign contexts.

The result ofthe course is the establishment of the work aim which clearly determines what the student with research and what questions the bachelor's paper will answer. This requires a familiarity with the contemporary status of knowledge and with that who and what, and with what results and what issues similar topics have resolved. Further, determination of methods describing how the student will research the topic and with what sources they will work, and how to collect and analyse them.

Topic scope:

With consideration of the state final exam planned dates, based on the binding assigned bachelor theory paper, which contains the approved title of the paper, its abstract, advisor and paper committee, preliminary bibliography and proposed work process, the student will begin independent research work.

At group classes, students present the to date results of their work - outline and 1st chapter of their Bachelor's paper. After discussion with the instructor, the theory paper continues to be improved independently but under the guidance of the paper advisor.

Recommended or required reading

Required literature:

AMU - Výnos rektora č. 2/2006, o zveřejňování závěrečných prací (včetně rámcové licenční smlouvy o užití)

AMU - Výnos rektora č. 4/2006, pokyn pro tvorbu a jednotnou úpravu vysokoškolských kvalifikačních prací na AMU (včetně závazných vzorů grafické úpravy)

AMU - Výnos rektora č. 4/2006, Příloha č. 5, pomůcka pro citování a seznam literatury

AMU - Výnos rektora č. 4/2009, Metodika jednotné úpravy VŠKP na AMU

FAMU - Metodologický seminář pro bakaláře, doporučená nebo povinná literatura

FAMU Library - study database

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit will be awarded upon entry of title and abstract of the theory practice into KOS.



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