Dokumentary Photography 2

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303DF2 Z 1 2T Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Gabriela KONTRA

Name of lecturer(s)

Gabriela KONTRA

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Study results:

Students have an overview of the history of photography

Students have a bearing in contemporary documentary film

Students develop their creative skills in the use of photographic expression tools in the fields of reporting and documentary

Studnets know how to use acquired knowledge in their own photography.

Mode of study


Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Course description:

Coures aim is to improve consideration of the photographic image, present figures in the history of photography and develop creative skills in the use of photograph expression tools in reporting and documentary. During the course, students frequently consult on the work for the assigned practical exercise „Photographic exercise 2.“

Topic scope:

  1. Introduction to the fundamental figures in photography history.
  2. A more thorough acquaintance with B/W analog photography technology - photographic material, film development process and photography in practice.
  3. Meeting with figuress of documentary and journalistic photography
  4. group visits to photography exhibits, discussions on contemporary trends in photograph techniques and exhibitions.
  5. working with an image on social networks
  6. consultations on one's work and work on the assigned practice exercise.

Recommended or required reading

BERGER, John. O pohledu. Vyd. 1. Praha: Agite/Fra, 2009. 225 s. Edice vizuální teorie. ISBN 978-80-86603-81-0.

GABLIK, Suzi. Selhala moderna? Překlad S. M. Blumfeld. Vyd. 1. Olomouc: Votobia, 1995. 157 s. ISBN 80-85885-20-4.

BOURRIAUD, Nicolas. Postprodukce: kultura jako scénář: jak umění nově programuje současný svět. Vyd. 1. Praha: Tranzit, 2004. 106 s. Navigace; sv. 001. ISBN 80-903452-0-4.

Assessment methods and criteria



Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
06.04.2019 10:00–16:00 Gabriela KONTRA
13.04.2019 10:00–16:00 Gabriela KONTRA

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