Photography Assignments 1

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303FOC1 Z 1 Czech winter

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Gabriela KONTRA

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Gabriela KONTRA

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Study results:

students are introduced to photographic genres - portrait, still life, report

students attempt stylized and report photography with aranged and documentary reality

students attempt working with live models and creation of atmospheres using lighting conditions, body position and facial expression

students learn to react to situations, predict and wait for the right moment and focus on the image

students learn basic photographic technology.

Mode of study

Practice exercises

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Course contents

Course description:

Documentary Dept. field practice exercise - its execution is consulted in classes of „Documentary Photography 1“ and exercise technical parameters are determined by the production list in the Studio FAMU White Book - see https://www.famu/cz/cs/studio-famu-dokumenty-vyrobni-listy/

The aim of the exercise is to adopt the fundamentals of analog and digital photography technology, find and best recognize one's approach to developing an image, original photographic style and type of one's image feeling.

Topic series - one's assigned practice exercise (total of 5 printed photographs 13x18cm):

  1. portrait or self-portrait (2 photos)

a) stylized portrait - create photographs in which the one photographed knows that someone is photographing them. Stylize it inot an environment and work with the body posture and facial expression, follow natural lighting conditions

b) report portrait - photograph a face or figure in some event, private or public

  1. Still-life (2 photos)

a) discovered still-life - may be an object composition in an attractive lighting atmosphere or still-life which interests you in its originality of objects and/or their combination

b) arranged still-life - try from selected objects and surroundings and lighting to compose a still-life

  1. Event report (1 photo) - the event may be private or public, image should provide what event it is and what happened in that place


Recommended or required reading – photoshop tutorials pro začátečníky

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