Final Examination 4

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303KZK4 ZK 1 16S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Study results:

Students demonstrate skill in public dialog and show ability to review and defend their piece - „Film Poem.“

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Course contents

Course description:

At the close of the 1st year of master's study, students publically present this obligatory practice exercise before the Documentary Dept. Summary commission: „Film Poem“.

A group of instructors judge the films and lead a discussion with the students about their work.

Topic scope:

On-time completed and submitted summary exercise, participation in control projects before their own summary screening.

Participation in the summary film screenings and defense of the film before the Documentary Dept. commission.

Recommended or required reading

Recommended literature:

DANTE ALIGHIERI. Božská komedie. Překlad Jaroslav Vrchlický. Praha: Dobrovský, 2014. 637 s. Omega. ISBN 978-80-7390-198-1.

BRESSON, Robert. Poznámky o kinematografu. Překlad Miloš Fryš. Praha: Dauphin, 1998. 115 s. Film; sv. 1. ISBN 80-86019-68-3.

BUŇUEL, Luis: Cinema: instrument of poetry. In: The European cinema reader, Routledge, London; New York 2002, ISBN 0415240913

PASOLINI, Pier Paolo: Film jako poezie a próza, in: Film a doba č. 11, 1965, str. 589-596, F 3131/1965

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on successful presentation and defense of the obligatory study-year work „Film Poem.“



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