Colour Etude 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
304BAE2 Z 3 Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Jaroslav BRABEC

Name of lecturer(s)

Jaroslav BRABEC

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Demonstrate theory and practical skills in managing the color film image and conceptually present the emotional tenor of the film such that the gradual color development of the figures and surroundings reflect the literary structure of the previous film literature.

Mode of study

Explication and exercise assignment, shooting and finishing.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

General cultural education and sensitivity to the world of color around us.

Course contents

Color Etude / FOT XII digital photography

The Color Etude is a film study exercise of the Camera Dept. for managing colors and their significance effect in the film image. It must be a designed composition form where color effects and functions come into play. It is shot on raw 35mm film negative.

According to an approved Color Etude motif which is considered as fixed and unchangeable, are the subsequent preparations of the color concept and Color Etude technical script.

The Color Etude concept development is consulted upon with the course instructor

Student works on the motif and script and, as well, the shooting, independently. If the Camera Dept student brings in other collaborators (scriptwriter, director, sound engineer, editor, producer) for implementing the exercise, then the Camera Dept. student is the sole person responsible for the quality and content of the educational intentions of the Color Etude exercise. It is appropriate for the collaborators to attend the Color Etude course consultations.

The Color Etude dimension is max. 4.5 minutes. The student is obliged to adapt the construction of the story from the very beginning to this time parameter and financial constraints.

Additional footage will not be recognized as completing the Color Etude exercise and it will not be permitted for the master's graduation collection.

Color Etude implementation phase:

a) motif

b) script

c) technical script

Defined form of the Color Etude and FOT XII technical scripts are the requirement for credit in the Winter semester.

d) color concept - written and graphic

e) photography study of color of surroundings and costumes.

f) technical requirements for lamps and camera technology

fulfillment of all preparation points permits the student to submit as request for signature on the production list by the Camera Dept. Color Etude course lead instructor

Color Etude Technical security is to be managed at the implementation meeting with the Studio FAMU managers.

The Color Etude is part of the master's graduation collection.

The Color Etude deadline is limited by the date of the student summary screening. Completion of the Color Etude according to workflow.

Workflow - Color Etude - 35mm

1st phase production

Transfer to Hd 1920x1080 ProRes 422 or proxy with TC for offline editing, 4x122m 35mm, rough material - i/o post

Offline editing and timing of opening and closing credits - Final Cut, Avid - FAMU

Export EDL and image reference - FAMU

2nd production phase (required offline/editing approval)

4K scan to a 10bit LOG DPX according to EDL and overlaps - i/o post

Online according to EDL - i/o ost

Color correction - allow are only primary color corrections - clarity, contrast, overall saturation, RGB - i/o post

Production of opening and closing credits - student or i/o post

Setting opening and closing credits - i/o post

Setting sound - i/o post

Export 4K DCP, ProRes 422 HD - i/o post

Loading results - FAMU

Recommended or required reading


Assessment methods and criteria

The condition for the award of credit is meeting deadlines for the backgroundsee exercise instructions. A defined form for the Color Etude technical script according to the „Exercises Instructions“. Analysis of the fine arts and film in printed form for the FOT XII exam exercise. 70% course attendance



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