Colour Cinematography 2

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304BK2 Z 1 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Adoption of the fundamental professional habits and independence of a main cameraman

Mode of study

Moderated discussion and motif analysis.

Explication of the assigned exercise.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

General culture education, a sensitivity to the world of colors around us. A complete passion for the cameraman profession in relation to and the concept of works of film as a whole.

Course contents

Analysis of the color relationships based on one's work, primarily on the FOT exercise

Color aesthetics

The color tone system. The number of elements. color system harmony. the distance or nearness of a color tone. dynamic and static systems. Tonal scales. The edges of possibilities. Complete-aesthetic color-tone systems and their effects.

Color image

Photographic imaging. The color reality in the visual field. The relationship between the spectral relflection of an object, spectral make-up on a light and the spectral sensitivity of the recording. Distinguishing reality and tonality of an image.

Constructing an image

LIne and surface are elements of a composition. The position of the color tone on the screen. Molding an object with lighting. Outline. Rendering. Manipulating an outline (lines) and the color surface. Color shade issues. The projection situation. Tuning the image. Correcting color reality. The composition of color contrast. Accurate color reproduction. Color tone deformation. Technical practice. Special color techniques.

Recommended or required reading

Karel Hanuš : O barvě

Art publications over classic and modern art.

Assessment methods and criteria

Knowledge of color and color dramaturgy.

Exercise analysis.

All theory preparations (analysis, FOT, preparations for Sen) for grading purposes must be submitted in printed form and in complete pairs (name, year of study, academic year).

The condition for award of credit is meeting deadlines given in the „Exercise Instructions“.



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