Colour Process

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304BP ZK 2 20S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

An introduction to the history of color-photography including practical samples and analysis of the potential of modern color photography considering to-date achieved true color reproduction.

Mode of study

Lectures are supplemented with samples and extensive image materials.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

This course is intended for bachelor students.

Course contents

  1. Color reproduction issues:

Fundamental colorimetry and colorimetric concepts.

Additive and subtractive principles of color reproduction, exact colorimetric

color reproduction, subjective and objective evaluation of reproduction quality,

influence of viewing conditions, influence of memory, reproduction of responses in the conscious -

optimal color production.

  1. The history of color photography:

Direct and indirect color photography. The Lippman process. Color analysis and synthesis

Important additive processes.

Extracts from the works of J.C. Maxwell, separated fields, time and space parallax, photographic cameras.

Screening systems - mechanic/Autochrome, Dufaycolor/.

optical /Agfacolor , Kodacolor/

Significant subtractive processes , hydro-typical processes /tanning development, two layer, three layer, multi-layer materials, Kodachrome and Agfacolor-Neu

  1. The chemistry of color photography

Primary and secondary color development, color couplers, developing agents, bleaching, fixing.

  1. Existing processes

Structure and processing of color reversal, negative and positive materials

  1. Masking

Automatic masking, interimage effects, contrast mask, unsharp mask

  1. Printing

Aditive printers, subtractive printers,

  1. Duplication

Basic conditions for duplication

8.Modern laboratories

Methods of grading, senzitometric control


Who demonstrated the first color photography,

Describe Lippmann method

What types of screen processes do you know

Describe Technicolor proces

What is the difference between Kodachrome and Agfacolor Neu

Who was Rudolf Fischer

What is the secondary color development

What is the primary color development

What are color matching functions

Describe conditions of exact color reproduction

What is the difference between aditive and subtractive color reproduction

Describe structure of modern color negative

Describe structure of recent color print film

How is achieved reversed order of layers in positive print film

What is the reason for reversed order of layers

Describe basic principle of color development

What is the basic developing agent for color photography

How we classify color couplers

What is the process of silver bleaching

Describe processing steps of color reversal material

Describe processing steps of Kodachrome

Describe processing steps of a color negative

Why we need masking

How we create automatic mask in color negative

What is the inter-image effect and how could be used

Describe additive color printer

How works subtractive color printer

How could you eliminate reddish tone of the image with aditive printer

How could you eliminate yellow tone of the print with aditive printer

How could you eliminate magenta tone with subtractive printer

How could you eliminate blue tone of the print with subtractive pointer


Joseph S. Friedman: History of Color Photography, The American Photographic Publishing Comp., 1947

Michale J.Langford: Advanced Photography, The Focal Press, 1972

Grant Haist: Modern Photographic Processing, John Wiley and Sons, 1979

L.F.A. Mason: Photographic Processing Chemistry, The Focal Press, 1966

R.W.G. Hunt: The Reproduction of Colour, Fountain Press, London, 1967

Dean B.Judd, Gunter Wyszecki : Color in Business, Science and Industry, John Wiley and Sons, 1975

Recommended or required reading

Povinná literatura :

J. Pecák: Subjektivní aspekty reprodukce barevným filmem /1974/

Šmok J., Pecák J., Tausk P.: Barevná fotografie /1975/

Jiráček M., Hálová A., Morávek J.: Fotografický slovník /1955/

Normy: ČSN 360000 - Světelné technické názvosloví, ČSN 011718 - Měření barev

Doporučená literatura /zvláště pro cizince/:

Artjušin L.F.: Osnovy vosproizvěděnija světa /1970/

Friedman J.S.: History of Color Photography /1969/

Hunt R.W.G.: The Reproduction of Colour /1967/

Spencer D.A.: Colour Photography in Practice /1969/

Herder A.: The M anual of Photography, formerly the Ilrord, Manual of Photography /1971/

Clulow F.W.: Colour-Its Principles and their Aplications /1972/

Thomson C.L.: Colour Films /1971/

Assessment methods and criteria

Participation in lecture is necessary requirement for successful course study. At the close the students complete a written test and oral exam.



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