Drawing and Analysis of Space

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304EDA Z 1 21S English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students adopt the basics of drawing focusing on depicting a space and application of drawing skills in preparing a cameraman for shooting. An additional aim of the drawing exercises is to learn to consciously link working with space and rhythm of the film image to considerations of the image language of the camera.

Mode of study

Classes, drawing exercises

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Course contents

  1. Basics of depicting perspective
  2. Human figure, its proportions and placement in a space, orientation in space in preparing a script.
  3. Various concepts of depicting a space and its emotive effects
  4. Potential use of various visual approaches to space, application in practice in drawing preparations for recording a film scene
  5. The rhythm of the image language, musical rhythm and mutual influences in film, application in practice in drawing exercises

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Assessment methods and criteria

The basis for grading is 5 submitted drawing exercises on an assigned topic and at least 75% attendance



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