Film Exponometry

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304FE ZK 2 14S Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Theory and practice introduce students to the fundamentals of film exponometry.

Mode of study

Lectures are supplemented with samples and extensive image materials.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Intended for bachelor study students.

Course contents

1/ Introduction - review : calculating with logarithms.

light measurements, photometric units and laws.

2/ Theory basics of exponometry

derivation of the basic relationship between the luminosity of an object and illumination in the place of its image.

derivation of the exposure relationship and calibration measuring instruments, exposure illumination.

3/ Tone reproduction

characteristics of recorded material from the viewpoint of tone reproduction, ideal reproduction

characteristics, influences of flare light, printing, viewing condition , establishing the extent of

luminance of a scene, exposure extent - maximal, usable, used and its limitations,

4/ Subjective perception of luminance structure - scales of indexes of reflection and their relation to the concepts of white, grey and black, placement of scales on the spot meter calculator.

5/ Practical exponometric methods.

measuring with a luxmeter, exposure meter and spot meter, principles of establishing the correct exposure, macro-recording, methods of

establishing practical sensitivity, checking exposure filter factors, measuring luminance extent,

measurement in a studio and in exteriors, night recordings.

6/ Exponometric aids, grey and color tables, filters, exposure tables, calculators and regulators, filter factor mutual relationship tables, recording

frequency, exposure nomograms, nomograms for macro-recording and for establishing the size of the recording field,

7/ Measuring equipment

overview of measuring equipment, controlling their characteristics, calibration of measuring equipment

8/ Evaluating the quality and some particular procedures

the influence of exposure on the quality of the recording, tracking the precision of the exposure from copy numbers, amplified induction, reducing

contrast by prelighting or extra lighting.

Recommended or required reading

Required literature:

Jiráček M.: Ostrost a svit fotografického obrazu, 1965

Hoffmann Z., Krejčí A.: Technologický předpis bodové exponometrie /6C 2211/, Natáčení barevných TV filmů

Pecák J.: Příspěvek k filmové exponometrii, 1966 /diplomová práce/

Recommended Literature:

The Photographic Journal, Vol, 89 B, 1949, 126

Jones L.A.: Recent Developments in the Theory and Practice of Tone Reproduction, American Cinematographer Manual 2nd, 3rd Edition, Hollywood

Mascelii J.V.: Mascelliś Cine Workbook - Hollywood,1973 /6B 1629/

Berg W.F.: Exposure - Theory and Practice, Focal Press London, 1971 /6B 1508/

Corbett D.J.: Motion Picture and Television Film, Focal Press London ,1968

Assessment methods and criteria

Participation in lecture is necessary requirement for successful course study. At the close the students complete a written test and oral exam.



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room 225
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Mon 12:20–13:55 Josef PECÁK Room No. 225
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