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304MT Z 2 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Development of 1st year knowledge, professional mastery of challenging lighting situations.

Mode of study

vlastní kreativní činnost

Prerequisites and co-requisites

To-date acquired practical and theory knowledge.

Course contents

Exercise content:

Events take place in the „Vyšehradská“ metro station or a similar glassed-in station of the Prague metro system.

For this environment the students write a simple story such that in implementation all potential photographic opportunities will be used which the environment provides. This is covers interior and exterior shots, connecting both views thorugh the glass of the vestibule, in both directions, using the Metro train, and the like. The introduction title „METRO“ is to be attached to the recording as well as the names of the students and year of production, and the final „END“ title. The recording will be accompanied by music. The rough footage is 30m.

Recommended or required reading

Instructor approved exercise screenplay.

Assessment methods and criteria

Hodnocení před Klauzurní komisí, hodnotí se výtvarná kvalita obrazu, technické zvládnutí fotografického obrazu (hlavně rozsahu jasů), nápaditost při využití filmových výrazových prostředků, dodržení scénáře i předepsaných požadavků, včetně termínu odevzdání práce.

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