Camera Work Seminar 2

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304SK2 Z 1 3T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To form a basic knowledge of cameraman issues which create the basis for the subsequent practical exercises.

Mode of study

The course aim is to find a path to an understanding and manner of completing the prescribed exercises; Instructor justification of content, subsequent free discussions and screenings of exercises from previous years.

Preparations for implementing the exercise are completed by submitting the screenplay whose form is prescribed and gives sense to instruction. Only after these preparations is the the student permitted to shoot the exercise.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

100% participation in class is important considering the connection to individual exercises.

Course contents

The theory section of this course covers in detail the principles of the creation of a film image with all the related attributes. The creative and technical quality result is understood. To achieve a quality result in the implemented exercise the students need to be guided from the very beginning. The course is intended to expand knowledge in the area of image techniques, its exponometry, composition and lighting. All these expressive media must precisely depend upon the topic and dramaturgical concept of the assigned exercise. Image movement techniques are explained as well as their function for the film's emotional effect. The principle of the separate exercises is educating the students working in the feature and dcoumentary films and Television. The results should be a professional understanding of how to responsibly approach the entrusted task which awaits the student in practice. It is important to prepare the cameraman for positive communication with the crew and whose physical preparation for the difficult conditions which may arise during shooting.

Course content:

  1. Introduce students to the purpose and assignment of individual practical exercises.
  2. Assignment and screenplay preparations.
  3. Exponometric trials in collaboration with the film lab and their evaluations.
  4. Consultations over the prepared screenplay, a graphic expression of individual takes, their function in the sense of size, composition and eventual progression towards the given task.
  5. Analysis film image styles and their application base on screenings of the exercises by students from the previous year.
  6. Based on selected film screenings students are guided to an understanding of the service of image creation to the topic and use of all expressive media which the cameraman has at disposition for enhancing the emotional effect of the work.
  7. Application of those media withing the given task.
  8. Screening of the daily work, their technical evaluations and preparations of rough material for editing.
  9. Editing composition, linking a rhythm appropriate for the given exercise. Maintaining the given length.

Recommended or required reading

All available literature in film theory and technology.

Trade and popular periodicals.

School screenings and systematic monitoring of domestic and foreign film distribution.

Views on films views and their analysis is an obvious part of the course.

Assessment methods and criteria

The result of the exercises is credit or a grade level given by the commissions. The exercise implementation itself is preceeded by careful preparations whose product is the screenplay, which contain graphically clear shootings, a photo-studio scanned environment, lighting analysis and analysis of the sense of enbodiment. Part of the credit is as well, disciplined by punctuality and reliability. One-hundred percent attendance in class is assumed.


100% attendance in classes is important considering the continuity of the individual exercises.

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