Camera Work Seminar 4

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304SK4 Z 1 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Development of knowledge from the 1st study year.

Mode of study

Development of topics discussed in the 1st year through discussions with samples. The main content is the finalization work on the METRO exercise.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of the first study year.

Course contents

Course description

The theory section is linked to and develops topics covered in the „Film Image“ course of the 1st year. Expanding the acquired knowledge of the attributes of creating a film image in composition, lighting, image and editing composition of the image, exponometry, image dynamics, and film image style treatments. Generally the creation of the technical script or use of technical means used in creating the film image. Part of the will be examples of various styles of image treatments using documentary study film screenings, stagings and feature film. An important part of the course are verbal and written analyses of film works. Further, the works of the students themselves will be discussed as well as consultations regarding subject matter and issues will be resolved in other practical exercises.


The course instruction is focused on consultations, preparations and implementation of the METRO film year-end practical which the students complete independently as a study exercise. The challenging professional implementation and necessity of complete independent creative work place great demands on the students and tests the to-date acquired knowledge of film image creation and general film abilities in film production.

The content of individual courses cannot be precisely defined. It is dependent upon the current needs and interests of the students which arise from their inqueries and consultations on given professional topics or exercises. In the main these are consultations over the Short Exercises and the Large Feature Exercise

Course content

the written analysis which assigned for other courses. Topical and other professional issue discussions.

Recommended or required reading

All availabe Film and TV literature.

Trade periodicals: Camera, Cinema, American Cinematografer

Monitoring films of domestic and world production

Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance. activity in film exercise preparations. Maintenance of deadlines and preparations for the implementation exercise.



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