Introductory TV Exercise

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
304STVC Z 1 Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Martin ČECH

Name of lecturer(s)

Martin ČECH

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Mastery of basic routines in controlling a television camera, understanding of cameraman teamwork in the creation of image composition.

Mode of study

Completion of the television exercise in the FAMU Studio.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Fundamental knowledge of directional and editing principles, ability to compose and image.

Course contents

This exercise is scheduled in two cycles whose content is as follows:

1st cycle:

Introduction of students to the individual control elements of the camera/viewfinder - setting the brightness and contrast, focussing and zoom, stative heads and their adjustment, etc. / Assisting with one camera, principles. Image composition with moving characters in various shooting sizes at a constant camera distance. Zooming on a static object, quick-slow incursion, composition, guiding the character by zooming. Adding function with the right hand - sharpening the image, over-sharpening in wide and close shots. Combination of controlling sharpness and zooming on a static object, and then aon a moving figure.

Students' shots of the take-clapper - grading.

Working with a hand camera, with a camera set, on a dolly.

Presentation over potential image direction, prinicples of setting up the camera, possible image correction, effects, opportunities for the cameraman in the finishing process.

2nd cycle:

Completion of a simple screenplay/without sound/ with three cameras according to a priorly written simple technical screenplay. Two moving figures in various movement situations / recorded with sequential technology after necessary rehearsals/ Arrangement of actors, composition, editing composition, image sequence, perception of the editing light in the viewfinder, quick preparations for further shots, communication with headphones.

Take-clapper shots, projection control, correcting mistakes in composition, shot size, edit composition, etc. Final clapper shot, grading and judgement of the shot material. According to time restraints - checking key and effects principles

Recommended or required reading

point screenplay

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit awarded upon shooting of the exercise. An essential part of shooting is White Book compliance.

Further information

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