Light Tonality

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
304SVT Z 2 Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Vladimír SMUTNÝ

Name of lecturer(s)

Vladimír SMUTNÝ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Lighting in the film studio demonstrating lighting concepts with emphasis on the emotional effect.

Mode of study


Prerequisites and co-requisites

Advanced cameraman experience, ability to manage complex tasks in filming.

Mastering scene lighting analysis.

Course contents

Managing the creation of the light-tone concept for an audio-visual piece.

Material and technical provision:

33mm color film in the studio (60m per student)

use of lighting for creating atmosphere and mood;

scene lighting for creating emotional effect according to the selected concept

lighting situations are derived from real situations from interiors, compared to simulated lighting situations in exteriors.

Each student selects a lighting situation and each one separately uses one day to film. All students are present the entire time, taught after a period.

Students put together the protocol, floorplan, lighting plan, examples

Analog production in WS: shooting, analysis on the editing table

digital post-productionv SS: 4K SCAN, digital grading during the course „Colorgrading Workshop 2“

screening incluing a comparison with the digital version with the film copy.

Recommended or required reading

american cinematographer’s manual

Sven Nykvist, „Reverence for the light“ 1997

D. Schaefer a L. Salvato, „Masters of light“ 1984

F. Truffaut, „le cinema selon Hitchcock“ 1966

K. Malkiewicz, “film lighting” 1986

D. Samuelson, “motion picture, camera and lighting equipment” 1980

Assessment methods and criteria

100% course attendance to classes, workshop, joining in, punctuality

Exercise quality.



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