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304TCH1 Z 1 Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To check the dependence of Tch on the glow fibre of a bulb. Manage devices for measuring Tch and calculation of mired values of conversion filters.

Mode of study

In exercises each student works independently in the technical image room. Measurements are performed using the equipment in the room. The dates for the exercises are announced by the exercise instructor. Properly completed tables related to the instructions are submitted.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Prior to their execution, each student studies again all issues regarding the measurement and significance of chromatic warmth. In theory preparations the instructor check the theory preparations for the exercise.

Course contents

1/ Students determine the relationship of Tch of bulb burning fibres of selected light sources. The given light source burns at 30% and in gradual increasing three types of measuring devices are used for chromaticity. The measurement values of Tch are noted with the source input data onto a table. The average is determined from the received values. Maximum deviation from the means value for individual bulb Tch measurement data is determined.

2/ Using measuring instrumentsand sets of conversion filters, studentts determine experimental measurement values of transmission filters needed for chromaticity transmission established for various burning light sources for chromaticity „X“. /Value X is determined by the instructor individually for each student/ Experimental determinations of measured filter vlaues are noted onto the appropriate table row.

3/ As in point 2 above/ but with calculations only, the students determine for the Tch measures the conversion filter values needed for shift to „Y“ /Value Y is set by the instructor/. The calculated values are noted onto the table.

4/ Students determine a given unmarked filter, its mired values and using a given light source checks the independents of those values from the original color temperature. The experimental measurent results are noted onto the table.

5/ Using a tri-color measurment instrument, students determine with a given light source mired shift values of a LB filter to achieve Tch = .......

Recommended or required reading

Šmok, Pecák, Tausk: Barevná fotografie. Praha 1975

Film a filmová technika (oborová encyklopedie). Praha 1974

Assessment methods and criteria

Evaluated: Theory knowledge and generated results in practice set in a summary sheet.



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