Computer and Digital Technology

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304VDT Z 1 10S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

To achieve an understanding of the principle of the digital method of processing image information. Manners and benefit of the transfer of information from analog to digital signal form. Demonstrate that the digital representation enables operations which are impractical in the analog signal form.

Mode of study

Výuka založena na přednáškách s masivním využitím projekční techniky, což umožňuje teoreticky náročné partie studentům přiblížit grafickými a obrazovými prostředky.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Prerequisites: Sections of primary school (gymnasium) mathematics: Knowledge of logics, truth evaluations of propositional formulas, event probability, propositional logic.

Course contents

  1. Number systems, Boolean algebra, arithmetic and logic operations
  2. Prinicples of calculation techniques, instructions, addresses, codes, programs
  3. Automatization in television and film, measure and testing
  4. The signal and its digitalization, digital procedures and standards, applications

The content of individual lectures is adjusted and updated each year.

Recommended or required reading

V. Kasika: Základy digitální techniky, skripta FAMU, Státní Pedagogické nakladatelství Praha 1989

List of supplementary and expanded literature:

G.E. Hoernes, M.F. Heilweil: Úvod do Booleovy algebry, SNTL 1969

J. Blatný a kol.: Číslicové počitače, SNTL Praha 1982

V. Ševčík, Z. Ševčík: Úvod do teorie syntézy diskrétních kódů vyd. IVV Čs. televize Praha 1984

Z.Sobotka: Základy digitálního zpracování obrazu,VÚST Praha 1985

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on; participation in lectures and the final class where the students are able to individually give their possible resolutions to assigned problems.

Credit is awarded based on the results of the final test.



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