Studio Shots

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304ZA Z 1 Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Attempts to create, with the aid of studio light sources a lit scene for various types of atmosphere.

Mode of study

Presentation of practical experience in the FAMU Studio, Creativity activity.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Management of practical exponometry, managing characteristics of negative B/W stock.

Course contents

Exercise content: Lighting done gradually with individual types of lighting on the given set.

  1. Main lighting: completion of the set with main lighting according to values determined by the senziometric measures of the given key material. The direction of the main lighting is to fundamentally correspond to the logic of the lighting source according to the situation and set props (Source in picture-window, table lamp etc.) Construction of light perspective, dimming or brightening lighting values of recorded objects and set environment is 1/4 to double the exposure lighting. In the same manner luminosity distance will be managed, that is the set action and set environment lighting value ratio.
  2. Supplementary lighting: Construction of supplementary lighting value determined according to the character of the interior and lighting genre of the set environment. From a ration of 1:2 to 1.6. The basic schematic is the main character of sunlight and evening treatements on the set.

3). Auxilliary lighting:

a) feature lighting is managed according to the needs the moldable characteristics of the shot and differing tonal surfaces of the objects in the space arrangments.

b) Front lighting according to the shot organization divided fundamentally from the settingof the camera on the lighting of the deepest shadows - particular faces of figures.

Practicing lighting a simple set and creating several typical lighting genres.

Recommended or required reading

jednoduchý scénosled.

Assessment methods and criteria

Submission of the assigned report.



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