Basics of Working with a Camera 1

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

This course aims to introduce 1st year Camera dept. students with the basic awareness and skills necessary for shooting a practical exercise.

Mode of study

Presentation, contact instruction, practical demonstrations.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Knowledge of calculations with decimal logarithms, goninometric functions, solving equations with two variables.

Course contents

This course introduces students to to film recording technology, exponometric and senzometric practice.

Instruction is a combination of presenation with image presentation and completion of practice tasks. An inseparable part is the practical TCH-FOT.

1/ Exponometrics practice

Exponometric tools and devices

Working with exposimetrics, luxmetrics and brightness

Methods of establishing the correct exposure of the film raw material

Brightness analysis of the recorded scene; important sensitometric parameters of the film raw material

Practical reproductivity of the recording in negative - positive technology

2/ Shooting exposure attempts of the film material

Prepare, shooting and evaluation of the exposue attempt

Senzitometric attempts - production and evaluation

Construction of senzitometric gradient of the copy (negative-positiv technology)

3/ Film camera

Construction of film cameras, recording lenses

Introduction to the operation of selected types

4/ Film camera accessories

Tripods, equipment for movement, matte box, special optical equipment, other drives

5/ recording filters

Overview, characteristics, practical use

6/ Different manner of camera recording

Recording in standard frequencies - static shots, panorama, camera movement.

Recording with increased or decreased frequency

Recording with sound, sychronic, asynchronic, playback.

Simple camera tricks

7/ Assignment and analysis of the TCH-FOT exercise

Brightness analysis of the assigned scene type; issues of scene brightness reproduction in film screening; factors influencing radiant perception of an audience in a cinema hall.

Lecturer: prof. Mgr. Jiří Myslík

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Recommended or required reading

Written material for the topics will be given to each student during the course (tables, nomograms, texts).

Assessment methods and criteria

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room 225
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Tue 10:40–12:15 Jiří MYSLÍK Room No. 225
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