First-Year Editing Workshop 1

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306RSS1 Z 2 3T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim is to guide students in the basics of editing theory and practice and prepare the study exercise of the 1st. year.

Mode of study

Lecture, moderated discussions, discussions, media recording sample analyses, text analyses, essays, contact instruction in comparing studies, screenings.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Preparedness to devote the maximum of one's time and energy to the successful mastery of challenging tasks arising from exercise implementation and as well, the ability to focus on following the workshop program.

Course contents

The task of the course is to acquaint student with the basics of Film editing and guide them through the execution of their practical. The basic topics are creating time-space relationships in a cinematic work, implementation of elementary editing situations (axes, parallel, cross-editing, etc.) and reproduction of style composition processes of the silent film era.

Workshop calendar:

29.9 - Analysis of submitted work from the FAMU studio entrance exams. Basic film material and working with film editing. The marking system, archiving.

A visit to various workplaces in the FAMU Studio

Checking the storyboard, Camera practice.

13.10 - Assignment of the Studio exercise „I'm still alive“ - 35mm film edited in AVID: synchronization, rough and clean edit. EDL.

Elementarka assignment: 16mm film 90m, work process, continuity of movement, meeting.

Film inspiration from previous students /VHS, DVD, 16mm/

20.10 - 18:30: Presentation of proposals for one's Elementarka project. Consutations for the Studio exercise.

27.10 - 18:30: Report assignment. consultation on the studio exercise.

3.11. - Work on Elementarka. Submission of storyboard, floorplan: Elementarka technical screenplay.

10.11 - Exhibition visit or other cultural non-film event.

17.11 - International Students' Day. Independent study.

24.11.- Comparison of film and video work - asthetics: technique: pre-/post-production

Your paper with practical examples for a 20 min + discussion

Saturday 28.11 - 16/35mm technology. Klimentská 9:30 - 18:00. Work in the 16 and 35mm film editing room; explanation of sychronization of the image with sound. Technology basics of classical film editing in 16 and 35mm.

1.12 - Tempo, rhythm. Concept explanations. Cinematography function examples.

Time and space. Examples creating time-space in the editing room. Working on the Studio exercise.

8.12 - Presentation of proposals for the Original film. Reprt - working screening.

15. 12 - Presentation of the Studio exercise „I'm still alive“, emphasis on the vertical assembly, sound track.

5.1 - Original film. Concept.

Recommended or required reading

Josef Valušiak, Základy střihové skladby. skripta FAMU

Karel Reisz, Umění filmové skladby. skripta FAMU

Jerzy Plažewski, Filmová řeč. Orbis, Praha 1967.

Jan Kučera, Střihová skladba ve filmu a v televizi. skripta FAMU, Praha 1983.

Jan Kučera, Filmová tvorba amatéra. Orbis, Praha 1961.

S. M. Ejzenštejn, Kamerou, tužkou i perem. Orbis, Praha 1959.

Béla Balász, Film, vývoj a podstata nového umenia. SVKL, Bratislava 1957

Ernest Lindgren, Filmové umění. ÚPF, Praha 1961

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Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room 311
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(Lažanský palác)
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Tue 10:40–13:05 Adam BROTHÁNEK Room No. 311
Lažanský palác

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