Theory of Montage 2

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306TM2 exam 2 2 lecture hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 10 exercise hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 25 to 35 hours of self-study English winter

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The course applies structural and semiotic theories to analyses of a specific film work or part of a work. It introduces students to the connotations and methods of using the concepts of language, speech, code, sign, meaning, the signifier, the signified, text, metatext, narrative, message. It deals with the categories of signs and the typology of signs (icons, symbols, etc.).


  1. Film language, film speech, elements and dimensions of film language. Sign, symbol, emblematic depiction, symbolic depiction.
  2. Nature and structure of film narrative. Creation of meaning in film. Meaning and representation.
  3. Movement, time, space. Organization of space as a narrative element.
  4. Image – autonomous space. Organization of signs in a space delineated by image. Double reality of image.
  5. Why watch the image. The viewer creates the image, the image creates the viewer. Similarities between image and viewer.
  6. Illusion and representation. Mental distance and identification. Image – source of affection.
  7. Specific and abstract space. Composition and the point of view.
  8. Analogy and reference. Plastic and iconic. Photogeny, photography, film.

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Prerequisites and other requirements



Vingt leçons sur l'image et le sens Broché de Guy Gauthier - 1970, Broché: 196 pages, Editeur : Edilig; Édition : 1re (1970)

ASIN: B0000DY02V

L'analyse des films

de Jacques Aumont (Auteur), Michel Marie

Broché: 233 pages

Editeur : Armand Colin; Édition : 2e (24 novembre 2004)

Collection : Armand Colin cinéma

Langue : Français

ISBN-10: 2200341075

ISBN-13: 978-2200341077

L'image de Jacques Aumont

Broché: 304 pages

Editeur : Armand Colin; Édition : 3e édition (20 avril 2011)

Collection : Cinéma / Arts Visuels

Langue : Français

ISBN-10: 2200355947

ISBN-13: 978-2200355944

Martine Joly, Introduction à l'analyse de l'image, Paris, Nathan, 1998

ISBN 10 : 2091906344

ISBN 13 : 9782091906348

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