Chemical principle of photography 2

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307CHEZ2 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Lectures are focused on an introduction to the basics of photography chemical procedures.

Mode of study

See methods and grading

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of 307CHEZ1

Course contents

Course description: This course is focused on learning basic theory and manual skills so students in further study will be able to apply the knowledge in their own graphics oriented creations. In theory lectures students are introduced to the photographic process. They learn the principles of capturing a photographic image, types and structure of photographic material, its processing and assessment. This knowledge of theory is linked to exercises and students learn manual dexterity in processing photo material. Students are introduced to practice and learn to use some specific processing techniques in B/W processing. In summary, students aquire a complete overview of the generation of a photographic image, its modification and applications. Students will be able to manage this completely in their photo creations.

Lecturer: Ing. Jiří Petera, 603 761 747,

Recommended or required reading

Šimek J., Základy fotochemie, Praha AMU 1983C.E.Kenneth Mees, The Theory of the Photographic process, The Macmillan Comp., New York 1945. Junge K.W., Hubner G. Fotografická chemie, český překlad, Praha SNTL 1983Šimková M., Šimek J. Kvalifikační příručka pro fotografa a laboranta, Praha Práce 1973Šimek J. Fotografické techniky, Praha Práce 1969Souček L., Speciální fotografické techniky, Praha Orbis 1967Tomášek Z., Fotografické chemikálie, Merkur, 1982

Assessment methods and criteria

Grading: Credit: awarded based on the evaluation of the submitted exercise (development kinetics), successful completion of the written test and attendance of a min. 75%. The oral exam includes the following topics:



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