Jan Měřička workshop: Your own colorful space 2

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307DIJM2 ZK 3 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 54 to 69 hours of self-study English, Czech summer

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Creative use of screen printing techniques

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screen printing workshop

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The content of the course is creative work with the technique of screen printing, with emphasis on photography as input material. The link between photography and screen-print technique was created in the period of pop art and screen printing is until now very often used as a technique of art projects. The course enables practice large field of using different materials as substrates for printing and different using color print inks.

It includes both the basics of screen printing technique and creative experiments on the border of photography and graphic art. The course is open to using drawing, painting and alternative creation of screen printing stencils. Screen printing is taken like a special photosensitive process itself and it includes creative experiments with screen- print photograms.

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The creative grasp of the topic, mastery of screen printing technique and the quality of practical output.


Location: Screenprint workshop, Photography Dept., FAMU, Bolzanova 7.

Termíny dílen, letní semestr 2020/2021

Terms of workshops, spring term 2020/2021

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