Preparation for the Artistic Part of the Final Project

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307EPAP credit 1 14 seminar hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 15 to 20 hours of self-study English summer

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Hynek ALT, Markéta KINTEROVÁ, Rudolf PREKOP, Martin STECKER, Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ


Preparation for the artistic part of the graduate output takes the form of joint and individual consultations within the specialized studios and in the field of author's book creation, especially with the teachers of Graphic Design and Photography 1-4, or specialized workshops (Screen Printing Workshop: Custom Color Space 1, 2; Typography and Contemporary Image). In this course, the student relies primarily on the knowledge and experience gained from the course Exhibition Project, where he/she became thoroughly familiar with the development, realization and presentation of exhibition projects, and further develops the themes, experiences and knowledge from the Master's practices, which are based on a consistent interplay between theory and artistic practice. The result is the preparation of the realization of a distinctive, innovative, unique work of art, which becomes the basis of his independent artistic career. He closely cooperates and consults the individual steps with the exhibition project manager and the author's book manager.


1 individual consultation with the head of the studio, i.e. the head of the exhibition project - introduction of the project - specification of the partial steps - work plan

2 individual consultations with the head of the artist's book - presentation of the project - specification of the sub-steps - work plan

3 individual consultations with the exhibition project manager - recommendation of the process, study and inspiration sources

4 individual consultations with the head of the author's book - recommendation of the process, study and inspiration sources

5 joint consultation - specification of the project, presentation of the work in process, feedback

6 individual consultation - solving problems encountered by the listener in the implementation of the collection of documents, preparatory work, production

7 individual consultation author's book - presentation of the material that will be the content of the book, first drafts of the final layout, binding, design, etc.

8 joint consultation - presentation of the work in process - technical problem solving - technical recommendations and technological recommendations

9-11 individual consultation - reflection and revision of the work in progress and the form of the exposition

12 joint consultation - preparation for presentation of work in process to the committee

13, 14 - implementation week - individual consultation

Learning outcomes

The student is able to work with the feedback he/she receives on the conceptual design of his/her graduate outcome.

Prerequisites and other requirements



Assigned individually depending on the nature of the graduate project.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Evaluation - credit before the committee. The listener presents the elaborated form of his/her final work - an exhibition project and an author's book. The committee evaluates a coherent conceptual plan that is supported and expanded through written explication and oral defense, and a submitted work-in-progress status that anticipates successful completion within a few weeks. During the evaluation, the listener receives extended feedback that can be further incorporated, particularly in the final defense, and recommends solutions for adjusting the project's form with respect to the exhibition space.



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