Photography of Architecture 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
307EPHA1 exam 2 39 exercise hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 21 to 31 hours of self-study English

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Name of lecturer(s)

Jan Douša, Martin STECKER

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student is oriented in the problems of photographic representation of architecture, understands its meaning, purpose and methods of use. Through practical exercises and work on semester assignments, the student practices the acquired knowledge and experience on model assignments. By participating in joint tutorials, he accelerates the acquired experience through his own work. He works with focus, shot selection, day or night lighting, and is able to post-produce photographs according to needs and instructions.

Mode of study

in person

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

The photographic exercise will take place in Prague or, due to the pandemic, in your home town. Each student will choose one location, which they will study theoretically in advance, and try to deduce what influenced the location or building when it was built and what are the possible historical links. They will try to select appropriate shots, time of shooting and other influences such as season by using Google maps and subsequent personal visits to the site. He will then consult his plan, including preview photographs taken with any digital camera.

Specific assignment:

Exercise option A: „bridges“. Students will choose one of the bridges, which they will then process during the semester to capture the best possible shots given the stage of vegetation and the height of the sun. A digital camera or medium format classic is recommended

Exercise Option B. „Landscaping“. Students will choose a Prague or other garden and try to capture the connection between the special garden architecture and the landscape of the garden, emphasizing their meaning and overall appeal.

A digital camera or medium format classic is recommended

Submitted: 3 photographs in the form of an A3 print or black and white enlargement


Appropriateness of the shot, choice of lighting for the characteristics of the building, appropriate choice of lens focal point and perfectly executed shot including accurate alignment of perpendiculars, integration into surrounding buildings where appropriate.

The course aims to introduce students to the issues of architectural imaging as widely as possible. It introduces the basic objectives of photographic imaging, possible approaches and applications in relation to the intended outcome. It mainly deals with the selection of appropriate lighting that is typical for architectural photography, appropriate choice of lens focal point, appropriate shot with perfect execution including accurate alignment of perpendiculars, possible integration into the surrounding buildings. A digital camera or medium format classic is recommended

Submitted: 3 photographs in the form of an A3 print or black and white enlargement

Main themes

1 - 2/ Semester assignment - Location of the student's choice - site selection, studying the history of the site, confronting physical movement and google maps, specifying the selection and intention

3/ Consultation of the intention including preview photographs

4 - 6/ Exercise A - Bridges - digital camera or medium format classic, preview photos, light, vegetation - ongoing consultation with exercise in progress

7 - 9/ Exercise B - Garden Architecture - digital camera or medium format classic, preview photos, light, vegetation - ongoing consultation with the exercise in progress

10 - 12/ Consultation, proofreading and finalisation of semester assignment - photographs of a specific location - selection of 3 photographs

Recommended or required reading


Zimmerman Claire: Photographic Architecture in the Twentieth Century

University of Minnesota Press, 2014

Schulz Adrian: Architectural Photography, 3rd Edition, Rocky Nook, 2015

Gossel Peter: Bauhaus, Taschen, 2015

Campbell Hugh: Space Framed - Photography, Architecture and the Social Landscape, Lund Humphiers Publisher, 2020


Attali Erieta: Architecture Photography, ArchiTangle GmbH, 2020

Havran Jiří: From Architecture - Photography 2009-2012, Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, 2018

Grospierre Nicolas: Modern Spaces: A Subjective Atlas of 20th-Century Interiors, Prestel, 2018

Phipps Simon, Stadler Hilar, Hertach Andreas: Finding Brutalism - A Photographic Survey of Post-War British Architecture, Park Books, 2017

Jodidio Philipp: Zaha Hadid. Complete Works 1979-Today, Taschen, 2020 Edition

MacCarthy Fiona: Walter Gropius, Faber & Faber, 2020

Weston Richard: Architecture Visionaries, Laurence King Publishing, 2015

Assessment methods and criteria

80% attendance, timely and complete completion of assigned tasks



Schedule for winter semester 2022/2023:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

Schedule for summer semester 2022/2023:

room 113
Studio No. 113

(Lažanský palác)
Douša J.

(lecture parallel1)
Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
Wed 15:40–17:15 Martin STECKER
Jan Douša
Studio No. 113
Lažanský palác
lecture parallel1

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