Photography Techniques 1

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307EPHT1 ZK 2 26 exercise hours (45 min) of instruction per semester, 31 to 41 hours of self-study English

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Listeners will gain an overview of studio work, with basic knowledge and skill in using studio equipment. Through hands-on demonstrations and their own work, they will develop a basic understanding of studio lighting, geometric imaging and film development. They will become familiar with the principles and rules of working in the photographic chamber. They will make and enlarge a large-format portrait for which they will prepare.

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in person

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Course contents

The aim of this course is a composition of successive exercises, the main purpose of which is that students acquire the basic knowledge to control classical technology, get acquainted with the procedures of photography, lighting objects from different materials, acquire the necessary habits in the preparation of the studio. At the same time, there will be a mutual recognition of actual previous experiences within the class and joint preparation of further activities that will be needed to balance the level of experience and knowledge of the students of the class. The course includes the assignment of quick exercises each day.

Main topics

1 - 3/ Introductory technical exercises to familiarise students with the equipment in the studio.

The aim of this exercise is to gain basic knowledge to operate classical technology, to become familiar with the procedures of photography, lighting objects made of different materials.

a/ Daylight and artificial light, types of lights, basic principles, possibilities of changing the character and control of lights. Advantages of different systems. Basics of exposure, photometric units, different types of measuring instruments, their advantages, method of measurement and control, brightness range of a scene, exposure aids.

b/ Basic types of photographic instruments, their construction, advantages and uses.

4-5/ Photographs of the surface texture of an object perfectly illuminated and in focus throughout with practical verification of Scheimpflug condition. Development of the film using the JOBO tank. Working with a large format Sinar machine on 9x12 cm flat cartridges.

1 enlargement 30x40 cm on baryta paper

6 - 9/Perspective and focal length, perpendicular alignment - restitution, determination of the light range of the scene in the studio

Practical part:

1 photo composition of geometric objects with 1.5 EV difference in lighting of individual surfaces and precise use of perpendicular restitution. The image will be taken with a 9x12 cm Sinar camera

Submitted: 1 enlargement 30 x 40 cm on baryta paper

1 photograph of geometric objects, taken with a digital camera. The rules from the previous image may be broken /overhead, underhead without restitution, hard lighting without backlighting, etc. at the student's discretion/.

10 -12/ preparation for large format portrait, concept, working with model, test shots. Taking a portrait - taken with a large format camera 18x24 cm in flash and daylight and making a one metre enlargement after contacting the negative first.

Submitted: 1 metre enlargement and 1 contact 18x24 cm on baryta paper

Recommended or required reading


Alton John: Painting With Light, University of California Press, 2013

Bredbury Richard: Mastering Lighting & Flash Photography : A Definitive Guide For Photographers, GMC Publications, 2021

Hunter Fil: Light - Science & Magic - An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, Taylor and Francis, 2021

Hirsch Robert: Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, Routledge, 2018

Simmons Robert: Lighting in Photography, Hassell Street Press, 2021


Child John: Studio Photography: Essential Skills, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2018

Leibovitz Annie, Fuller Alexandra: Portraits 2005-2016, Phaidon Press, 2019

Lindbergh Peter, Wender Wim: Untold Stories, Taschen, 2021

Nan Goldin: The Other Side 1972-1992, Scalo Verlag Ac, 2020

Nan Goldin: Portraits, Actes Sud, 2020

Assessment methods and criteria

Students may be evaluated based on 80% attendance and participation in group photography events. Each exercise will be assessed against pre-determined criteria in a joint meeting over the results.



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room 113
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Wed 15:40–17:15 Martin STECKER Studio No. 113
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