Photography of Architecture 1

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307FAR1 ZK 2 39S Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students will, first of all, be acquainted with the basics of this photography discipline and from a historical and linked to contemporary technology development perspective. This semester focuses on the daring technique mastery of these issues. The students will be acquainted with various types. We will also cover the development of architecture in individual construction layers and examples of those constructions in the Czech Republic and Europe. This instruction will serve as theory instruction for exercises in the Summer semester 2.

Mode of study

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No knowledge requirements.

Course contents

After the introductory course, the students will implement the exercise independently using a Sinar camera, or medium format with adjustable lens. Normally a film rolls will be used or if needed 9 x12 falt surface film.

The photography exercise will take place in Prague. Each student will draw lots for a location, which is studied prior to shooting and attempts to derive what influenced the creation of the building or location and what the historical relations are. Students attempt to select a suitable shot, shooting period and other influences such as season according to Google Maps and subsequent personal review of the given location.They will consult with the instructor regarding their intentions including preview shots taken on any type of digital camera.

To be submitted:

4 -5 B/W englargements 30 x 40 cm exterior on barite paper according to the approved concept.


shot suitability, selection of lighting for building characteristics, suitable lens focus and perfect shot execution including exact alignment angle, or inclusion with surrounding buildings.

Recommended or required reading

Literature (selection):

Uher, Vladimír: Dialog tvarů, Odeon

Dragoun, Zdeněk: Praha 885-1310. Kapitoly o románské a ranně gotické architektuře, Libri, Praha

Kuča, Karel: Atlas památek, Česká republika, díl I a II., Baset, Praha 2002

Assessment methods and criteria

Students will be graded only if they attend 90% of classes and participate in group instructional excursions.



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