Working with a Computer and Digital Imaging 2

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307PD2 ZK 2 26S Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Introduction to the basic nature of photo depiction in capturing a space and its reproduction and interpretation on to te photo surface. The course is intended not only for working with light, image sharpness, cropping and composition but also manner of considering photography.

Mode of study

Exam: Winter semester - based on the grading of the submitted work in which the maintenance of task and quality is assessed.

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Exam: Winter semester - awarded based on the assessment of the submitted task in which how closely the task was maintained and quality of completion are assessed.

Attendance: a requirement for student grading is an obligatory attendance of 60% of lectures and attendance with the submitted photographs at the required group consultations established at the beginning of course instruction.

Course contents

Course description:

One of the basic characteristics of photography is its ability to more or less record reality. Presentation of 3D reality - space - to the surface of the photo image has its own specific nature. The purpose of this course is to elucidate the basic nature of photo depiction so the the student will be able to further handle it and use them appropriately for their own intentions.

The course is focused on:

1/ space - issues of tranferring real space of a landscape and city to a photographic surface and this while maintaining the color regulations of the B/W scale - space „reproduction.“

2/ light - its fundamental role in bulding or supressing spatial impression, creation of atmosphere and its overall tone.

3/ sharpness - unsharpness, use of depth of sharpness as one of the principles of creating the photographic image.

4/ aperture - considerations of the selection of „aperture“ (shot frame) from viewed reality, selection of place, focal objective which are as well a creation of the shot composition.

5/ composition - arrangement of photos and their mutual links and influence on the overall tone of communcation.

Tasks: (exercise 1P2)

1/ space - a/ whole landscape

b/ city area

Both are B/W photos conceived as „faithful reproductions“ (description) of a given location with a capture of its spaciousness and corresponding transfer of color.

2/ light - a/ any photo with a light treatment which allows for the impression of space

b/ the same (or other) photo with a light treatment which suppress the impression of space.

3/ sharpness - a/ space treatment of a subject with distinctive use of small depth of sharpness.

b/ placement of subjects in a place using sharpness in the entire surface of the image.

5/ composition - create three pairs of photos. The photos of each pair must have some kind of clear link either semantically or formal.

All togethre these three pairs of photos can but need not depend on objects, but must create some kind of compact whole giving new information or interpretation.

All assignments are submitted as B/W photos in 30x40cm with maximum demands on final development, that is enlargement quality including retouching.

Work submission:

Lecturer: MgA. Jaroslav Bárta

Contact:, 603 183 724

Recommended or required reading

Aumont, Jacques: Obraz, Akademie múzických umění, Praha 2005

Sudek, Josef: O sobě, Torst, Praha 2001

Assessment methods and criteria

Grading: Winter semester: awarded based on submitted assignments in which how closely the assignment was maintained, and in quality.

Attendance: a requirement for student grading is an obligatory attendance of 60% at lectures and participation in submitting photos at the compulsory group consultations established at the beginning of the course.



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