Multichannel Audiovisual Postproduction 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
308VAVP1 Z 1 Czech winter

Subject guarantor

Jan ČENĚK, Viktor EKRT, Marek HART, Pavel REJHOLEC

Name of lecturer(s)

Jan ČENĚK, Viktor EKRT, Marek HART, Pavel REJHOLEC

Learning outcomes of the course unit

A Cílem pr?edme?tu je zvládnutí studiové techniky a technologie, vlastní r?ešení koncepc?ních a parciálních problému? mixáže, spolupráce s režisérem (v roli režiséra pedagog) a druhým mixérem apod. Po rozšír?ení bude dalším cílem seznámení s postsynchronovou technologií.

Mode of study

Special exercises

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Completion of AV Mixing Fundamentals.

Course contents

A (AV Post-production 1)

Dialogue and background noise pre-mix are gradually mixed and then one's own mix. In the mixing horizontal and vertical relations are to be created between the current sound bands to demonstrate in interaction, with the image, a provoking of the intended reaction of the audience. As well, an overall balance of the mix and creation of aesthetically pleasing sound transitions. Students practice their own reactions, memory and continue to manage work on the equipment (or similar) on which they will complete their additional group exercises. The work is guided by the instructor continuously and assessed in the final checking screening. A subjective discussion on the results with the students will take place.

B (Multi-channel AV post-production 1)

Exercise for the preparation and completion of automated mixing of exercise material in ProTools. Students work individual under the guidance of the instructor.

Recommended or required reading

A. Assigned practice sound material

B. Special sound material is given to develop.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded upon completion of the assigned tasks.

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