Multichannel Audiovisual Postproduction 2

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308VAVP2 Z 1 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

A) Cílem předmětu je zvládnutí studiové techniky a technologie, vlastní řešení koncepčních a parciálních problémů mixáže, spolupráce s režisérem (v roli režiséra pedagog) a druhým mixérem apod. Po rozšíření bude dalším cílem seznámení s postsynchronovou technologií.

B) Získání dalších zkušeností a profesních návyků s prací ve vícekanálových formátech.

Mode of study

A. Special exercises

B. Exercises

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A) Completion of AV Post-production 1

B) Completion of Mixing Basics, AV Post-production 1 and 2, Multichannel AV Post-production 1.

Course contents

A. (Course AV post-production 2)

Mixing gradually pre-mixes of dialogue and background noise, then one's own mix. In the mixing vertical and horizontal relations between the concurrent sound bands to demonstrate the interaction with the image provokes the intended reaction of the audience. As well the overall balance of the mix and created aesthetics of the sound transitions is demonstrated. An important aspect is the multi-channel format of the mix. Students practice their reaction, memory and master working on equipment on which (or similar) they will finish the later group exercises. The work of individual pairs (mixing in pairs) is managed by the instructor throughout and assessed in the final checking of the project. There is a discussion with the students over the results.

Upon completion of checking in the instruction will continue according to the following points:

  1. Creation of the technological chain - microphone, connections, ProTools configuration, sound checks, voice control, screens
  2. Preparation of „slides“ - pre-preparations of logical beginnings and ends of recording sequences.
  3. Correction selection, space, halls, working with multiple microphones
  4. Working with actors - expression, volume, communication
  5. Continuity - volume, expression, spatialness, color
  6. Issues in combining contact sound with -post-sychronization
  7. Post-synchronization of background noise - preparation and elementary practice recording - pitfalls
  8. Post-synchronized music - elementary recording practice - pitfalls
  9. Issues of Synchronicity, issues in dynamics
  10. Computer adjustments of post-synchronized background noise, creation of artificial sounds

B (Multi-channel AV Post-production 2)

Continuation of the same dimensions of exercises for th e1st year master's study for the preparation and implementation of automated mixing in ProTools. Additional development of theory knowledge. Practical experience and working habits in AV multi-channel post-production.

Recommended or required reading

Sound material assigned for developing.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded upon completion of the assigned tasks.

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