Animation Film History 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language Instruction Semester
309DAFI1 ZK 2 24S Czech summer

Subject guarantor

Eliška DĚCKÁ

Name of lecturer(s)

Eliška DĚCKÁ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the course is to evoke the active interest of the students of issues in animated film, introduce them to its history, significant figures and the latest artistic trends.

Each student will also have the task to process and present a short paper about a creator and their works of their choosing which they consider progressive, including examples.

There is potential for discussions about given topics and supplement them with samples including film presentations.

Mode of study

Lectures with (media) presentations.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

General knowledge of the Czech and world history of animated film.

Course contents

Second-year students complete lectures from „The History of Animated Film 1 and 2“ whose content is the history of Czech, Slovak and international animation. Successful completion of the test exhibits sufficient knowledge in the history of animation.

Recommended or required reading

Bendazzi Giannalberto, Cartoons: One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation, Indiana University Press 1994

Halas John, Masters of Animation, Published by BBC Books, London 1987

Bordwell David, Thompson Kristin, Dějiny filmu. Přehled světové kinematografie, AMU/NLN 2007

Urc Rudolf, Animovaný film Martin Osveta 1984

Animace a doba 1955-2000, ed. Stanislav Ulver, Film a doba, Praha 2004

Dutka Edgar, Minimum z dějin světové animace, AMU, Praha 2004

Kubíček Jiří, Úvod do estetiky animace AMU, Praha 2004

Urc Rudolf, Benešová Marie, Dějiny animovaného filmu I., VŠMU Bratislava 1995

Urc Rudolf, Dějiny animovaného filmu II., VŠMU Bratislava 1999

Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance and the aformentioned paper

Successful writing of the test or if fail, a re-taking of the test.


The aforementioned student paper must be received at least 3 days prior. The students are asked to provide valid email addresses for contact and

if necessary a mobile phone number.

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

room 420
Room No. 420

(Lažanský palác)
Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
Wed 12:20–14:45 Eliška DĚCKÁ Room No. 420
Lažanský palác

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