Music in Animated Film 1

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309HAFN1 ZK 1 24PS Czech winter

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

comfortable clothing, bare-foot exercises, walking. Paper, chalk or a soft pencil, suggestion of a costume or mask.

Course contents

Instruction aim

The instruction aim is to introduce animation students to the issues of music theory and music forms with particular focus on music for animated film.

Instruction content:

Music in Animated Film is a course which introduces animation students to issues of music theory, in particular the field of music forms which are for the music layman the most inspirational part of music theory. Further in the course we cover music dramaturgy in feature-length and animated film in which we identify fundamental specifics in the construction of animated film soundtracks (in particular in relation to feature cinematorgraphy). As well, we cover analysis of practice processes in preproduction and post-production of the film's sound element.

Series of topics:

  1. Fundamental theory of music forms with a particular look at the differences between mono-thematic and poly-thematic forms. Instrumentation as an expression tool (groups of instruments, classic orchestras, synthetic sounds, sound design)
  2. Analysis of diverse approaches to the use of music in feature films (music as an illustration, counterpoint, form-creating elements, etc.)
  3. Analysis of animated film marking differences in dramaturgy arising from other media considerations.
  4. Film sound pre-production and post-production workflow.

Recommended or required reading

A Book about Music - A Small Modern Encyclopedia

Slovník hudební psychologie, I. Poledňák, Editio Supraphon 1984

Stručný slovník duchovní hudby - J. Vyskočil, Muzeum Čelákovice

The Larousse Encyclopedia of Music

Teória filmovej hudby - Juraj Lexman, SAV 1981. Bratislava

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam is granted fro at least 70% attendance, course paper of at least 4 pages and defense of that work.


The course varies. It brings together the students, removes roughness and teaches the students to speak freely about their feelings about music, broadens their perception.

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

room 308
Room No. 5

(Lažanský palác)

Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
Tue 14:50–16:25 Jakub KUDLÁČ Room No. 5
Lažanský palác

Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

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