Animation in Practice

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309MAP Z 1 10S Czech summer

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Acquiring knowledge of standard production procedures used in producing a feature-length animated film in international co-production and the role of the director in this process. Introduction to examples of production steps in practice. View of the artistic and organizational role of the director in this process.

Mode of study

Two-day workshop for a total of 10 hours.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Interest in Feature Animated film production collaborating with foreign production companies.

Course contents

Workshop „Animation in Practice“ is comprised of a 3 lecture block. Each block lasts about 3 hours and are divided into two parts - a) particular lectures devoted to a given topic + b) presentation of samples from practice which demonstrate examples related to lecture content. In this part of the course students may join into the discussion on the covered topic with the lecturer and other students. Students are introduced to the production process as well as the artistic positions and their content represented by animators in film production. In the third block, students continue to learn about special phases of animation in film, post-production of image and sound, collaboration with the composer and as well, the on-going imperatives such as marketing and distribution and their influence on the animator's work.

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