TOON BOOM character design and rigging

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309MTBR Z 2 4/D Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The module is focused on practical skills and rigging of one's figure for subsequent animation.

This abbreviated course arises from a model course which emphasizes not only the technical aspects of working with Toon Boom, but also training drawn and cut-out animation prinicples, an understanding of the pipeline, experiencing the workflow and bases of working in a team. The participants are given tips and an effort is made to simulate conditions in contemporary practice and to prepare them for work in the field. This is primarily for co-production of TV series, feature length films and technically challenging short films.

Mode of study

Intensive 4 day module in 1 + 3 days

On the first day we will cover the function principles and creation of cut-out characters and begin to draw the design which will later be used for figging. Students bring a sketch of a character which will be evaluated and the we will begin to draw a „do turn-around“ in Toon Boom. One should account for the necessity to draw the figue at home before the start of the second part of the course.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Students bring a digital or scanned sketch (or ideally sketches) of figure(s) which they wish to rig up and ideas of at least a basic story and animation style in which the figure will be animated. Who wishes may may draw a few poses, turns of the figure and facial expressions.

Course contents

Day 1

Character design preparations


Students - figure sketches (ideally turn-around, paif of poses and expressions), which they to later rig up


Students acquire all basics and necessary information for proper clean-up, beginning together, completion at home.


o - joints

o - divisions

o - What to avoid

o - Basic poses

o - vectors - full deformation rig

o - vectors with textures

o - Bitmaps from Photoshop

o - Drawn up animation (combination cut-out and drawings)

o - import of modelsheet and setting the scene

o - Lighting workflow and beginning practice with the figure

Day 2

Basics and Fundamentals of rigging


We understand what the structure of a complex rig is - up close we investigate some rigs and go through the basic devices for rigging.


o Simplicity

o Animation style

o Animators and experience / inexperienced team

o Time

o Breakdown, division into layers and description of individual parts

o Together we test and investigate completed rigs

o Exercise - animation of a complex rig for structure understanding

o Exercise of individual devices

o Pegs

o Rigging tools

o Cutters

o Color override

o Pivots

o Paste special

o Parenting

o Composits

o Art layers, Sync layers

o FK - IK

o Simple design rig

o Arm rig

Day 3

Rigging one's figure


Students - Finished figure clean-up


We begin to rig up our design


Day 4

Rigging one's figure - completion, animation test, templates. Possible more complex rigs completed at home. Rigging tests (according to available time)


According to available time, completion of our rigs, essentially an exercise / rigging test for working in the studio or animation test with a finished design


Recommended or required reading

Toon Boom white papers

Toon Boom Journeys design + rigging

Richard Williams: Animator´s survival kit

Assessment methods and criteria

Participation, 2 credits


This module is intended for the second or possibly the third year of bachelor study at the FAMU Animatiion Dept.

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