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309PTCHN2 Z 2 24SS English, Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The final presentation will take place in English so that the project may be part of an international panel of short films which is currently being prepared by the Association of Animated Films (ASAF.cz) for a panel of short films for next year's festival of animated films in Trebon. Therefore the timing of the first module will take place so that the students may submit an application to that international panel, and possibly for the final in May of 2013, their project may be presented to the professional public and that they may search for a partner and potential co-producer.

Mode of study

The module takes place in to stages. The first stage takes place during the Winter semester in the FAMU buliding through lectures and classes in which examples of existing presentations will be presented. The requirements and parameters of one's Dept. of Alternative Theatre presentation will be assigned.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

This module is intended primarily for 3rd-year Animation Dept. students. The content of their presentation will be their bachelor film project. First and second-year Master's student may register for the class with their Animation and Acting project, that is, their graduation film.

Course contents

During the module the students will be presented with several presentation examples - good and bad, so the mistakes may be learned from. Also individual elements and types of presentations will be discussed (from attempts to write an attractive log-line through synopsis and completion of the project application), definition of general terms and criteria. The classes focus, particularly, on the execution of one's presentation and presentation skills. Through their own attempts students should gain more self-confidence in the quality of their project, and as well be a able to accept critiques from their classmates and colleagues. A presentation without a public may be a trial in front of a mirror.

Recommended or required reading

Vademecum TV project of a cartoon http://www.cartoon-media.eu/FORMU/index.php;


Recommended examp of an Adam Gebriana presenation http://vafcz6.wix.com/visegrad; http://www.anifest.cz/2012/!_who-are-we;


Assessment methods and criteria

Completed application quality, project presentation. Credit is awarded only based on the completion of the entire module.

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