Analysing Animated Films 2

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309RAFN2 ZK 2 28SS Czech summer

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Mode of study

Dialogue, discussions, analysies of animated films.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No prerequisites for registration to the course.

Course contents

Instruction aim

The course aim is to systematically cultivate and develop the analytical thought of students and continuously check this on creation on analyses.

Instruction content

This course is divides into three parts in which each has a separate program. Animated Film Analysis 1 is devodet to an acquaintance with individual national schools of animated film (France, Great Britain, Canada, Russia, Japan, etc.)

Recommended or required reading

No required nor recommended literature.

Assessment methods and criteria

The condition for successful completion of the exam is completion of the course paper, which characterizes the given national school of animated film, whose films are analysed in class.


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