Animation: Assembly in Poněšice 1

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309SKP1 Z 1 25PS+15SS Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Acquisition of theory issues in animated film.

Mode of study

lectures, film presentations.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

No presumed knowledge required for registration.

Course contents

The course introduces students in the department to some general aesthetic principles and to the main principles of drama. It reviews in detail the theory of animated film as a form of dramatic art.

Recommended or required reading

Required literature:

Aristoteles: Poetika (Orbis Praha 1964)

Marshall McLuhan: Jak rozumět médiím (Odeon Praha 1991)

Jiří Kubíček: Úvod do estetiky animace (skripta FAMU 2004)

Recommended literature:

Otakar Zich: Estetika dramatických umění

Jaroslav Boček: Kapitoly o filmu (Orbis Praha 1968) - část O filmové specifičnosti

Edgar Dutka: Animovaný film (skriptum FAMU 2002)

Henryk Jurkowski: Magie loutky (Nakladatelství Studia Ypsilon 1997)

Jaroslav Nauman: Umění člověka diluviálního (Nakladatelství Kvasnička a Hampl Praha 1925)

Joseph Campbell: Mýty (Pragma - 1998)

Rudolf Urc: Kapitoly z teórie animovaného filmu (Osvetový ústav Bratislava 1989)

Some lectures will be supplemented with examples from Czech and international animated film.

Assessment methods and criteria

To receive credit in the winter semester 70% attendance is required at the lectures and elaboration of the course paper on a given topic.

An oral test after the summer semester tests the bredth of student knowledge. Upon successful completion it is necessary to generally master the issues.

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