Chapters from Contemporary Cinema

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311CHCC exam 2 2 hours (45 min) of instruction per week, 32 to 42 hours of self-study English winter

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The course will focus on selected phenomena from contemporary European cinema i.e. following 2000, and analyze their production, distribution as well as esthetic and thematic features.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will:

Prerequisites and other requirements

Class Attendance/Participation:

Students are required to attend both lectures and discussion seminars and participate actively. A maximum of 3 absences during the semester is allowed. For the seminars, students are required to watch selected films and be prepared to discuss them in groups and collectively.


Besides watching assigned films, the students will give one presentation during the semester, based on a specially assigned text/material. This applies to the seminar sessions. The presentation should take approx. 20 minutes, the students are welcome to support their argument with clips from the film in the discussion. The presentation should focus on the main points from the assigned text and their relation to the given film. It is not necessary to sum up the plot, technical specifications, and awards of the discussed film. The presenting student will also prepare at least 3 discussion topics relevant to the assigned texts and film(s) and lead the discussion with their colleagues in class.

Final test

The test will cover the topics outlined in the lecture sessions only, there will be 5-6 questions based on the presentations and materials sent in advance by the lecturer.


TEODORESCU,Jeanine,MUNTEANU, Anca. "´Lazarescu, come forth!´: Cristi Puiu and the Miracle of Romanian Cinema.” Film Criticism 34.2/3 (Winter 2010): 51-66.

ROSE, Steve. ”Attenberg, Dogtooth and the Weird Wave of Greek Cinema.” The Guardian, lm/2011/aug/27/attenbergdogtooth-greece-cinema

BONNAUD, Frédéric. “Radical Kindness.” Film Comment 48.2 (Mar/Apr 2012): 22-25.

RATNER, Megan. “Displaced Persons: Ida’s Window on Vanished Lives.” Film Quarterly 67.3 (2014): 30-34.

MURRAY, Jonathan. “The Music of Freedom: An Interview with Paweł Pawlikowski.” Cinéaste 44.1 (Winter 2018): 4-7.

Evaluation methods and criteria

Student work is assessed based on class attendance and participation, a presentation, and final text examining the covered topics

The final grade will be calculated as follows:


Fall 2023, Monday 12:20-13:55

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Schedule for winter semester 2023/2024:

room 207
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Mon 12:20–13:55 Veronika KLUSÁKOVÁ Room No. 2
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