Documentary / Atelier exercise

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311DAE ZK 5 English winter

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Pavel MAREK, Ondřej ZACH

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Creative exercise in documentary filmmaking, students gain documentary filmmaking knowledge and skills.

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Course contents

TOPICAL DOCUMENTARY, 2nd year of CDM directors.

Directing students writes and directs short film up to 15 minutes based documentary topic. Students are led in their tutorial workshops to develop topical documentary based on true characters or events. There is no style limit, except of avoiding only poetical creation. No matter which way, but the topicality should be clear part of the film - either the topic exposes intimate, personal or social issues.

The artistic initiative comes from Directing student who actively searches for collaborating Cinematography student.

Definition of the project: Joint exercise between Master degree student of Cinematography and FAMU International Cinema and Digital Media directing student based on script developed by directing student within the FAMU International directing workshop.

Recommended or required reading

Bill Nichols: Introduction to Documentary Film

Sheila Curran Bernard: Dcoumentary Storytelilng

Assessment methods and criteria

The project is evaluated by the committee consisted of faculties and guests during the Fall term projects screening in the beginning of February.


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