Academic Communication in English

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940ACE credit 6 English academic year

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Jindřiška BLÁHOVÁ

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Jindřiška BLÁHOVÁ


Academic communication in English is nowadays a prerequisite for professional development and research activities at international level. It prepares students for presenting their research at international conferences, publishing, or undertaking a fellowship abroad. The course therefore focuses on the students' current agenda and offers support in the production of their own texts, e.g. writing an annotation for a dissertation or presenting research activities, aims and results.

  1. Introduction to cultural differences in academic communication

2.Basics of argumentation and research problem formulation

3.Discourse analysis of academic abstracts

  1. Writing and rewriting an academic abstract
  2. Introduction to English stylistics
  3. Text editing

7.Presentation of own‘s research project

Learning outcomes

  1. To familiarize students with the basics of academic communication in English

2.To learn the key rhetorical and stylistic principles of academic English in the performing arts (theatre, film, music and dance) with an emphasis on the production of one's own texts.

  1. Improve the written and spoken communication in academic English, develop reading strategies, discourse analysis, and work with editing tools and translators.

Prerequisites and other requirements

  1. Advanced level of English (B2 and above)
  2. Ability to analyse and reflect
  3. Work on individual or collective research



Evaluation methods and criteria

Active participation in discussions, 75% attendance, and submission of 75% of written assignments are required during the semester.

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

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