Selected Topics in Conducting (Mg) - elective

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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
108KTI1 Communication techniques for interpretative Fields 1 Czech Z 1 2T
108KTI2 Communication techniques for interpretative Fields 2 Czech see detail Z 1 2T
102DPD1 Didactics/Teaching Practical of Conducting 1 Czech Z 1 6PS+6SS
102DPD2 Didactics/Teaching Practical of Conducting 2 Czech ZK 1 7PS+7SS
108HPI1 Historically Educated Interpretation 1 Czech Z 1 1PT+1ST
108HPI2 Historically Educated Interpretation 2 Czech see detail ZK 1 1PT+1ST
108TI1 Interpretation Theory 1 Czech Z 1 2T
108TI2 Interpretation Theory 2 Czech Mon
Učebna 2017
ZK 1 2T
101UHK1 Introduction to Music Composition 1 Czech Z 1 2T
101UHK2 Introduction to Music Composition 2 Czech Z 1 2T
101UHK3 Introduction to Music Composition 3 Czech Z 1 2T
101UHK4 Introduction to Music Composition 4 Czech Z 1 2T
171UAH Introduction to acoustics for Musicians Czech ZK 2 2PT
108DHN Music History after 1950 Czech Thu
Učebna 2017
ZK 2 2PT
108PED1 Pedagogy 1 Czech Z 1 2T
108PED2 Pedagogy 2 Czech see detail ZK 1 2T
170KP7 Piano Practical 7 Czech Z 1 1T
170KP8 Piano Practical 8 Czech ZK 1 1T
108PIV3 Poetics of Interpretation Performance 3 Czech Z 2 BLOK
108PI4 Poetics of Interpretation Performance 4 Czech Tue
Galerie HAMU
108PSY1 Psychology 1 Czech Z 1 2T
108PSY2 Psychology 2 Czech see detail ZK 1 2T
100STUDIO Studio N English, Czech Wed
Z 1 1PT+1ST Z 1 1PT+1ST