Selected Topics in Music Directing (Bc) - elective

Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule Completion Credits Range Semester
171AKU Acoustic Czech ZK 1 1T summer
171UPA Acoustic Czech Z 1 1T summer
171ZP Basic of Programming Czech Thu
Učebna Zvukové studio
ZK 2 1T winter
101UHK1 Introduction to Music Composition 1 Czech Tue
Z 1 2T winter
101UHK2 Introduction to Music Composition 2 Czech Z 1 2T summer
101UHK3 Introduction to Music Composition 3 Czech Z 1 2T winter
101UHK4 Introduction to Music Composition 4 Czech Z 1 2T summer
108DHN Music History after 1950 Czech ZK 2 2PT summer
186SHT1 Music Theory Seminar 1 Czech Z 2 2T winter
186SHT2 Music Theory Seminar 2 Czech Z 2 2T summer
186SHT3 Music Theory Seminar 3 Czech Wed
Učebna 2057
Z 2 2T winter
186SHT4 Music Theory Seminar 4 Czech Z 2 2T summer
108HTM4 Music-theoretical Minimum 4 Czech Z 1 2T summer
108HTM1 Music-theoretical Minimum 1 Czech Thu
Učebna 2057
Z 1 2T winter
108HTM2 Music-theoretical Minimum 2 Czech Z 1 2T summer
108HTM3 Music-theoretical Minimum 3 Czech Thu
Učebna 2057
Z 1 2T winter
308MPV "Prague selection" and symphony orchestra; audio format 7.1.
Czech Z 1 9SS winter Subject is not scheduled
703PKH Preparation Course Czech Z 1 32CS winter
171SPZS Software tools for sound synthesis Czech ZK 2 1T summer
100STUDIO Studio N English, Czech Wed
Z 1 1PT+1ST winter and summer