History of Culture 1920_4k

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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
373SF1 Contemporary Philosophy 1 Czech Z 2 2PT
373SF2 Contemporary Philosophy 2 Czech Mon
FF UK - učebna 217
Z 2 2PT
373VU1 Fine Arts 1 Czech ZK 2 2PT
373VU2 Fine Arts 2
Czech ZK 2 2PT Subject is not scheduled
308DH1 History of Music 1 Czech Z 1 2PT
308DH2 History of Music 2 Czech Wed
Room No. 318
ZK 2 2PT
373IS1 Imaginary Worlds 1 Czech ZK 2 2PT
373IS2 Imaginary Worlds 2 Czech Thu
Room No. 1
ZK 2 2PT
301LF1 Literature in Film 1 Czech Z 1 3ST
301LF2 Literature in Film 2 Czech see detail ZK 2 3ST
373JAU Selected Chapters from the History of Japanese Art
Czech ZK 2 2T Subject is not scheduled