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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
312AGPH1 Animation and Graphics in Computer Games 1 Czech Z 2 18PS+6CS
312AGPH2 Animation and Graphics in Computer Games 2 Czech Wed
Room GD-1
Z 2 20PS+8CS
312ZIZT1 Basics of Interactive Sound Creation 1 Czech Z 2 12PS+12SS
312ZIZT2 Basics of Interactive Sound Creation 2 Czech Wed
Room GD-1
Z 2 8PS+20SS
312KHD1 Chapters from Game Design 1 Czech Z 3 20PS+4CS
312KHD2 Chapters from Game Design 2 Czech Tue
Room GD-1
Z 3 24PS+4CS
312SAPH Computer Game Analysis Seminar
Czech ZK 2 2ST Subject is not scheduled
312VPH Development of Computer Games Czech Fri
Room No. MFF UK-S3
ZK 6 46PS+90CS
312DGH Digital Game Histories English ZK 2 2PT
312KZ Final Commission Czech ZK 1 12PS
312MGJ GDS Game Jam 2021 Czech Z 3 96S
312GAAH Game Art and Art Games Czech Tue
Room GD-1
ZK 2 24PS ZK 2 24PS
312GJ Game Jam
Czech Z 1 12SS Z 1 12SS Subject is not scheduled
312HP Game Prototype Czech ZK 12 12CS
312HS1 Game Scriptwriting 1 Czech Z 2 2ST
312HS2 Game Scriptwriting 2 Czech Wed
Room GD-1
Z 2 2ST
312SHS Game Studio Internship Czech Z 8 160P Z 8 160P
312HT1 Game Theory 1 Czech Wed
Room GD-1
ZK 2 20PS+6SS
312HT2 Game Theory 2
Czech ZK 2 18PS+6SS Subject is not scheduled
312GPH Gender and Computer Games Czech Tue
Room GD-1
ZK 2 28PS
312AH Graduate Game
Czech ZK 19 12CS Subject is not scheduled
312IGS Introduction to Game Studies
English ZK 2 16PS+8SS ZK 2 16PS+8SS Subject is not scheduled
312MW1 Middleware 1 Czech Z 3 3ST
312MW2 Middleware 2 Czech Tue
Room GD-1
Z 3 3ST
312MW3 Middleware 3
Czech Z 3 3ST Subject is not scheduled
312PDH1 Production and Distribution of Games 1
Czech Z 2 24PS+4SS Subject is not scheduled
312PDH2 Production and Distribution of Games 2
Czech Z 2 20PS+4SS Subject is not scheduled
312ZP The Basics of Programming Czech Z 3 12SS+24CS
312TIM Theory of Interactive Media Czech Z 2 18PS+6SS
312DN1 Workshop 1 Czech ZK 4 4ST
312DN2 Workshop 2 Czech Mon
Room GD-1
ZK 4 4ST
312DN3 Workshop 3
Czech ZK 4 4ST Subject is not scheduled
312DN4 Workshop 4
Czech ZK 4 4ST Subject is not scheduled